Burgenland, Oostenrijk

Alexander Koppitsch

Alexander Koppitsch nam domein van zijn vader over. Die verkocht zijn druiven coöperatie .. Alex wou zelf maken. Natuurwijn…

Alexander Koppitsch

Our family has been making natural wine for 500 years and now it is our turn to continue with this tradition. Alex‘ father taught him everything which he was taught by his father – the knowledge about making ensouled natural wine. Maria & Alex took over the existing vineyards from Alex‘ parents in 2011 with a clear vision on their minds:


Farming brings a lot of responsibility. We are aware of that and treat our land with a lot of respect and care. We focus on Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic principles and make every effort to provide our vineyards with what they need. Never to lose sight of the holistic approach.
Our top priority in the vineyard is: Lots of hand crafting
Alex does everything by himself, with much help from his dad – Opa Leo. Every single working step is made by them personally. Hence 15 acre of land imply quite some workflow, Alex is always out in the vineyards, whereas Maria takes care of communication and their boys – team future: Jakob & Pauli & Alois

Alexander Koppitsch Burgenland

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