Mirabai 2021

Mirabai 2021

Zo fragiel en subtiel. Supersexy Oregon Pinot Noir from the US of A van La Fox!

‘The Mirabai 2021 is a light-to-medium, youthful, cool-toned red with with blue and deep pink undertones. It’s eye-catchingly brilliant in the glass and transparent. True to the 2021 vintage, the nose is deliciously heady, this one full of Hood strawberries (the best-scented of all, I think), soft minerality, and a hint of spices and tea. The mouth is the same and carried on the classic Dundee Hills silk and finishes long. The Mirabai 2021 is a beautiful, balanced joybringer. It has soaring energy and feels like birdsong.’ aldus Kelley Fox.

Alcohol 13%
Druif Pinot Noir
Regio Oregon, Verenigde Staten
Sulfiet Met toegevoegd sulfiet
Kleur Rood
Op dronk nu - 2032
Jaar 2021
Lekker bij Kip van de houtskool, lam

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