Freedom Hill Pinot Blanc 2021

Freedom Hill Pinot Blanc 2021

Een Pinot Blanc van Kelley Fox…Hot stuff.

‘This Pinot blanc has youthful, pale golden colour and brilliant transparency that is pleasing to the eye. The nose is full of minerals with delicate citrus and floral notes. It’s lovely. Though bone dry, there is a sweetness-of-fruit in the mouth that nicely balances the racy acidity. This wine evokes an alpine white, with all of the freshness and rarified air along with the smell of mountain snow.’ Kelley Fox

Alcohol 13%
Druif Pinot Blanc
Regio Oregon, USA
Sulfiet Minimaal toegevoegd sulfiet, totaal < 30 mg/L
Kleur Wit
Op dronk nu - 2030
Jaar 2021
Lekker bij Diner

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